These are the things that I do to my boyfriend. 

He too is not pleased.

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yknow people make fun of ghibli tears… but I think they aren’t made to portray what they look like on others, but instead how they feel like to us, when WE cry. Doesn’t it always feel much bigger/vision impeding when it happens to us as we experience it?

I’ve been trying to put this into words for ages, thank u

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This fingernail painting thing is getting fun.

P.S. Phantom hands~



I know right ;P


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More new work by Invader in New York.
Oh shut up. Is that Jennifer Lawrence? Why does she have to look like a 16 year old, milky white blonde in adorable romping wear and I have to look like me?

CrossFit Competitions: When a Good Idea Goes Very Wrong

Imagine if you will that every time someone sits down to put together the programming for their event they have to come up with something new, something never done before, something where everyone will say, “Wow man, remember that friggin’ 165lb. thruster-cow milking WOD from the Northeast Smackdown of 2014? That was EPIC!”


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That’s not what girls do at the gym..? 

What have I been doing then?


I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be, you know. I tried being a writer, but I hate what I write. I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre.

Story. Of this girl. Right here.

New mural by @escif in Moscow, Russia.


If your squat mechanics aren’t great, you need to put your ego aside, drop the weight down and work on your technique. The first gif is from 09/14 with 255# and the second gif is from 10/25 with 260#.

That’s only six weeks to clean up my form entirely, get back to the weight i was “squatting” previously, and do it with more speed. And this transfers so well to other movements like the clean, snatch, deadlift, everything.

Work on your mobility. I tell people all the time that mobility isn’t sexy— you don’t get high fives from your bros for hitting that new PR of touching your toes without compromising your spine stability, but seriously ignoring mobility will either stop your ability to PR or cause an injury. It’s only a matter of time for either.

Squats make you better, and if you have a good squat, you are better


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Ok, I’m feeling really stupid - what does that tattoo mean? I’ve got as far as “I hand my heart in” then what!? Bridge? 
This is really bugging me, I’d appreciate the help!

The hand being depicted looks like a left hand? So it could be “I left my heart in”? And since the Golden Gate Bridge is like a major landmark in San Francisco, it could be “I left my heart in San Francisco?”